About the Kansai Tokiwazu Association

The Kansai Tokiwazu Association is an organization that works at diffusion and promotion of Tokiwazu-bushi through efforts in improving artistic skills, fostering successors, etc. for preservation and succession of Tokiwazu-bushi, aiming to contribute to further development of traditional cultures.

Activities of the Kansai Tokiwazu Association

The major activities of the Kansai Tokiwazu Association include the followings:

  1. Implementation of regular concerts.
  2. Implementation of workshops for training of newcomers and for improvement of artistic skills.
  3. Activities for diffusion and promotion of Tokiwazu-bushi.
  4. Publication of newsletters, etc.
  5. Implementation of other undertakings necessary to achieve the objectives of the Association.

History of the Kansai Tokiwazu Association

The Kansai Tokiwazu Association was founded on February 22, 1941 (Showa 16), just before start of the Pacific War. On March 26 of that year, the first public performance (concert) was held at Otemae Hall (then called Gunjin Kaikan) in Osaka.

Grand Master Tokiwazu Moji-tayu XV was the first administrative director of the Association. The association was then headed by Tokiwazu Mojihachi master (later known as Rinchu III) from 1951 (Showa 26), Tokiwazu Bunzo master from 1961 (Showa 36), Tokiwazu Tsuna-dayu master from 1975 (Showa 50), and Tokiwazu Ichiha-dayu master from 1991 (Heisei 3). Ichiha-dayu master served as the administrative director for 23 long years, especially contributing to incorporation of the Association. Today, Tokiwazu Tokizo master as the administrative director of the Association continues working on activities for development of Kansai Tokiwazu culture.